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Bad News:

It’s for 50 business owners only, a few right?

Sorry about that but hear me out, I’m the CEO & Founder of ADZIV and I consult marketing strategies with many other businesses, and let’s not forget I also have family and friends so my time is very tight. Even my team was worried about finding available time for those 50 people but I insisted on it (I had to cancel some plans with my friend Dean, sorry Dean, I’ll make it up for you)

I have decided that it will be a one-time thing and I’ll never offer this again, so enjoy it while you can! Book Now.

CEO, BossBrew Coffee

Their expertise are unmatched. Usman and his team helped us to scale our ecommerce business.

“But Usman, I tried Digital Marketing before, and It’s not working”

You didn’t try digital marketing, you tried what other “marketers” told you about digital marketing, but you have to keep in mind that most of these people have something to sell you in the end so it’s not about you or your business in most of the cases, it’s about them and how to sell you their services.

So, Jack, the owner of XYZ agency, an award-winning agency reaches out to you and convince you that SEO is perfect for your business and it will generate you leads, then you buy it and sign with them and after a while, he will assign an account manager for you, his only job to simply tell you “it takes time”, and to send an email with a well-written PDF, asking you to pay the new month’s invoice. And maybe after 4 or 5 months, you realize it’s not working, and you’ve lost your money and time…

And you, Usman,
Don’t have anything to sell me?

As you probably have found, all the links on this page are my private Calendly page links, I asked my team NOT to collect any email address or any phone number, so yeah, I don’t have anything to sell you on this page or another, at least for this project,

because for 15 minutes…

My main and only goal is to find you the 3 Ready-To-Go hidden gems to add $5K in profit in a matter of weeks using my Easy-Wins Detector system!

That system has generated 17,550,443$

for my agency clients.
It has helped my local business clients in the US generate

more than 4,271,74 qualified Leads!

It has been tested and proven in all these industries (Medical, Health, Automotive, Ecommerce, Financial, Services Providers, SaaS & Retail). And all my past and current clients love it,

for one simple reason….

It works.

AND The best thing about the Easy-Win Detector is that

They didn’t have to wait 6-8 months to see results!

They didn’t have to sign long-term contracts!

They didn’t have to post every day on social media!

It may appear like I have the cheat code of digital marketing or I’m a friend of Mark Zuckerberg, but it’s not actually the case, the Easy-Win Detector works because it contains the only 3 elements of success for any business: Profitability, Time, and Audience.

The Detector will help you with Reaching the right customers for your service/product at the Right Time, with the lowest budget!

Listen, It’s not about the SEO, PPC, or Facebook ads, all of these are just tools, everyone can use them, and this is actually the problem because the more people use these tools, the more they will compete against each other and the more wealthy the internet leaders become!

But you?

The end-buyer?

You may get a slice of the pie like a 10% revenue increase or some low-quality leads,

But that’s not enough, I want you to

Mardee Calkins

Business Director, Dog Retailer

Their team is amazing, friendly, and helpful.

After our free call

You won’t have to compete with anyone ever again, you will outperform the competition forever, and -if you were able to book a spot- I would use this system to map your step-by-step strategy for increasing your Q1 revenue by at least $5,000!

And I get it, everyone makes those big claims too, so why Do you have to believe me?

Actually, you don’t!

You don’t have to believe anything because you will see and judge by yourself…

Because for 50 Business Owners, I’m offering The Easy-Win detector System on a 15-20 minutes FREE-OF-CHARGE private 1:1 call, where I will directly tell you the most profitable 3 strategies that could add 5,000$ Instantly to your business to save your first quarter of 2022!

We Don’t Keep Count Of The Left Spots, But As Long As This Page Is Live, We Have A Spot For You.

Listen, I have ZERO interest in selling you anything, I already have hundreds of clients for myself and my agency. Take a look at a bunch of them:

Usman, What If there were no-hidden marketing assets in my business?

Fair question, but let’s be honest for a second, don’t you think that there are so many potential customers who would benefit from your product/service? If yes, then congrats, you have found yourself the Biggest hidden marketing asset!

How is this Usman,

you may ask…


  • Un-converted customers are a huge marketing asset for any business, but only if you know the RIGHT way to convert those low-hanging customers to become YOUR customers…

Because can you imagine trying to sell sand in the desert, will it work?

So what would the Easy-Wins Detector find you in this case




(I forget to mention the detector’s funny sounds)

“You should go sell the sand to 3,759,710 Construction businesses in the US”

Will it work better than selling it to the Sahra? I bet.

Why am I doing this for FREE?

Everyone has become a marketer these days, everyone claims himself to be a “digital marketing expert”, there are 20,000 Digital marketing agencies in The united states only, 95% of them would promise you the world then deliver nothing, and business owners (like you) are getting tired of this, one of my clients told me that before working with ADZIV (my agency), he had always thought of digital marketing as a SCAM!

And I don’t like this, I don’t like how business owners have lost their belief in marketing, so I’m starting this project which is kind of

“Make Marketing Great Again!”

project, to show you how powerful RIGHT marketing is.

Here is my promise for you:

Book A Free Consultation with me, and in 15-20 minutes only, I will point you to The 3 EASY WINS you can apply to your business Instantly to add at least 5.000$ to your first-quarter revenue and If you didn’t, you will get a FREE SEO audit for your business from my company, Adziv.

What have I helped my clients with?

Website Design

Grow your business with custom designed & developed websites

Lead Generation

Generate quality leads, drive traffic, and build brand awareness

Shopify Expert

Adziv Digital – Proudly certified Shopify partner agency in GCC/MENA

SEO Services

Get Organic traffic through Google SERP by top 1st position rankings


Start selling today! Turn your products into cash through an eCommerce store


Start selling today! Turn your products into cash through an eCommerce store

Social Media

Strategy, Content, Epic Creatives, Community Mgmt, & Ads.

PPC Management

Increase 10x ROI by Google Search, Display, YouTube & Retargeting Ads

Creative Branding

We help you grow through strategic branding, designing & print media